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The sperm hook in house mice: a functional adaptation for migration and self-organized behavior

eLife 96582 (2024) 

H Ryu*, K Nam*, BE Lee*, Y Jeong*, S Lee, J Kim, YM Hyun, JI Kim', JH Park'

Reference-free in-situ rapid regional calibration of SLMS

Optics Letters 49.2 (2024) 

K Nam, JH Park


GABAergic-like dopamine synapses in the brain

Cell Reports 42.10 (2023):113239 

HJ Kim, B Hwang, M Reva, J Lee, BE Lee, Y Lee, EJ Cho, M Jeong, SE Lee, K Myung, JH Baik, JH Park, JI Kim

Confocal Single-Pixel Imaging

Photonics 10.6 (2023):687 

C Ahn, JH Park

Imaging through random media using coherent averaging

Laser & Photonics Reviews (2023):2200673

B Hwang, Woo T, C Ahn, JH Park


High-throughput high-dynamic range imaging by spatiotemporally structured illumination

APL Photonics 7 (2022): 106106

T Woo, HY Kim, SY Kim, B Hwang, C Ahn, SK Kwon, JI Kim, JH Park

Wavefront shaping: a versatile tool to conquer multiple scattering in multidisciplinary fields

The Innovation 3.5 (2022): 100292

Z Yu*, Li H*, T Zhong*, JH Park*, S Cheng, CM Woo, Q Zhao, J Yao, Y Zhou, X Huang, W Pang, H Yoon, Y Shen, H Liu, Y Zheng, Y Park, LV Wang,  P Lai


Condensed ECM-based nanofilms on highly permeable PET membranes for robust cell-to-cell communications with improved optical clarity

Biofabrication  13.4 (2021), 045020

B Choi, JW Choi, H Jin, HR Sim, JH Park, TE Park, JH Kang

Open-top axially swept light-sheet microscopy

Biomedical Optics Express 12.4 (2021): 2328-2338

B Kim, M Na, S Park, K Kim, JH Park, E Chung, S Chang, KH Kim

Limiting the incident NA for efficient wavefront shaping through thin anisotropic scattering media

Optica 8.4 (2021): 428-437

H Jin, B Hwang, S Lee, JH Park

Dynamic multi-modal holograms of conjugated organogels via dithering mask lithography

Nature Materials (2021): 1-10

J Oh, D Baek, TK Lee, D Kang, H Hwang, EM Go, I Jeon, Y You, C Son, D Kim, M Wang, K Nam, M Jang, JH Park, SK Kwak, J Kim, J Lee



Disordered Optics: Exploiting Multiple Light Scattering and Wavefront Shaping for Nonconventional Optical Elements

Advanced Materials 32.35 (2020): 1903457.

JH Park, J Park, KR Lee, YK Park

Tunable SIM: observation at varying spatiotemporal resolutions across the FOV

Optica 7.8 (2020): 973-980

T Woo, SH Jung, C Ahn, B Hwang, H Kim, JH Kang, JH Park

Increasing the enhancement factor for DMD-based wavefront shaping

Optics Letters 45.13 (2020): 3381-3384

K Nam, JH Park


Fast diffraction-limited image recovery through turbulence via subsampled bispectrum analysis

Optics Letters 44.24 (2019): 5985-5988

B Hwang, T Woo, JH Park

Overcoming the penetration depth limit in optical microscopy: Adaptive Optics and Wavefront Shaping

Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences (2019): 1930002.

C Ahn, B Hwang, K Nam, H Jin, T Woo, JH Park



Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light scattering in biological tissues:

Toward in vivo applications

APL Photonics 3 (2018): 100901.

JH Park, Z Yu, KR Lee, P Lai, YK Park


Large-field-of-view imaging by multi-pupil adaptive optics

Nature Methods 14.6 (2017): 581-583.

JH Park*, L Kong*, Y Zhou, M Cui


One-wave optical phase conjugation mirror by actively coupling arbitrary light fields into

a single-mode reflector

Physical Review Letters 115.15 (2015): 153902.

KR Lee, J Lee, JH Park, JH Park, YK Park

Measuring large optical reflection matrices of turbid media

Optics Communications 352 (2015): 33-38.

H Yu, JH Park, YK Park

High-resolution in vivo imaging of mouse brain through the intact skull

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112.30 (2015): 9236-9241.

JH Park, W Sun, M Cui

Focusing through turbid media by polarization modulation

Optics Letters 40.8 (2015): 1667-1670.

J Park, JH Park, H Yu, YK Park


LCD panel characterization by measuring full Jones matrix of individual pixels using polarization-sensitive digital holographic microscopy

Optics Express 22.20 (2014): 24304-24311.

J Park, H Yu, JH Park, YK Park

Full-field subwavelength imaging using a scattering superlens

Physical Review Letters 113.11 (2014): 113901.

C Park*, JH Park*, C Rodriguez, HS Yu, M Kim, K Jin, S Han, J Shin, SH Ko, KT Nam, YH Lee, YH Cho, YK Park

Depth-enhanced 2-D optical coherence tomography using complex wavefront shaping

Optics Express 22.7 (2014): 7514-7523.

H Yu, J Jang, J Lim, JH Park, W Jang, W Jang, JY Kim, YK Park


Subwavelength light focusing using random nanoparticles

Nature Photonics 7.6 (2013): 454-458.

JH Park*, C Park*, HS Yu, J Park, S Han, J Shin, SH Ko, KT Nam, YH Cho, YK Park

Complex wavefront shaping for optimal depth-selective focusing in optical coherence tomography

Optics Express 21.3 (2013): 2890-2902.

J Jang, J Lim, H Yu, H Choi, J Ha, JH Park, W Oh, W Jang, SD Lee, YK Park


Active spectral filtering through turbid media

Optics Letters 37.15 (2012): 3261-3263.

JH Park, C Park, H Yu, YH Cho, YK Park

Dynamic active wave plate using random nanoparticles

Optics Express 20.15 (2012): 17010-17016.

JH Park, C Park, H Yu, YH Cho, YK Park

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